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Community News Letter

Hello everyone! I hope that this letter finds you and your family well in spite of everything going on in the world today. Welcome to all of our new residents in the community, we are glad to have you! 

As a friendly reminder please keep in mind that we are a community that looks out for one another. We have active and retired Police Officers, retired and active Federal Agents as well as active and retired military members living in the community. Please be mindful of the traffic and guests that you have at your residence as well as in and out of the community. Eyes are always watching. This is a drug free community and we will keep it that way. 

Our website is still up and working we are trying to tweak it so that it will be a “one stop shop” for you all to get forms etc. The website is there, you will find community events as well as good info concerning the community. Another exciting thing about the website is that you can now pay your dues! The site is secure for the payments. For our more "seasoned" residents that are not comfortable paying dues online, you may still drop a check, money order, or cashier's check off in the red bin on my porch at 3411 Bristlecone Dr. We still have the community directory that will be emailed out to the residents that I have email addresses for. If you would like to be added to the directory, please email me at 

We have a community network set up on GroupMe. To join, please send a text to me at 251-366-1697, and I will send you a link to join or add you. You may also join by using the following link group/49124317/o1IUe2Zi a person can join/participate in the group via their cell phones or a computer look for "LONG LEAF GATES COMMUNITY" on GROUPME. This will be used as a bulletin board for announcements for the community as well as the website. We have so many ways to communicate and keep you informed of all that's happening in our community, but in order for you to know, you must participate.

A few "housekeeping" reminders:

Speeding – Please keep in mind that this is a residential area, which means NO SPEEDING! More and more people are speeding, especially on the main street of Bristlecone. Remember that children are out playing, and as speeding becomes a habit, accidents will happen. We don't want anyone getting injured or killed because of residents or a guest's failure to slow down. Speed bumps are there for a reason. Please abide by this traffic rule for the safety of the children playing in the community as well as residents walking in the community. Also refresh yourself on traffic rules, the vehicle that is in the traffic circle has the right of way. You, the person entering the traffic circle must yield and wait. The traffic circle is ONE WAY ONLY!


Trash/Trashcans –  Trash pickup is every Monday unless you receive a notice from American Waste stating otherwise. Please bring your trash can in from the street by that evening. Trash cans are not to be left out longer than the night of pick up. Your trash can should not be in plain view from the street per the covenants.


Guests -  Please keep in mind that you (the resident) are responsible for any and all guests that you allow into the community. That being said, any trash that they throw in other residents yards, and destruction of property is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Please be mindful of where you and your guests are parking, you and/or them should not be parking on other residents property. The property owner has the right to have your and/or your quests vehicles towed at your/your guests expense.


Parking - The covenants state that parking is allowed in your driveway. Not on the street (no parking on the streets longer than 24 hours), on the sidewalk or in your yard. If you do not have enough space in your driveway to park, please submit an ARC Form so that you can add additional parking space to your driveway. Please abide by this covenant requirement.  Effective Monday, February 15, 2021 you must be parked in your driveway or extended driveway, violators may be fined and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Non payment of fines can lead to a lien on your property.  A month is ample time for ARCs to be submitted and approved.

Architectural Changes to your home/yard - ANY changes from the original building guidelines of when your house was built, as stated in the covenants, must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. You must submit your request using the ARC form to the committee for approval before beginning any building, driveway additions/construction or planting of trees. If you need the form to submit the request please download it from the website.

R.V., boats, motor homes, dirt bikes and trailers - These must be stored off the property or in an enclosed garage or your enclosed gated yard.  If you need to bring your boat or R.V. home for a weekend, the Board is requesting you let us know of that need and asks that you remember to abide by the 24-hour guideline. Letters of violation and fines will be issued.

Rental/Leasing of Home – Please keep in mind of who you are renting to, be considerate of your fellow residents that have paid good money for their homes. If you rent your property you must let the board know. You must live in the home at least one year before renting/leasing the home.

Dog walking and defecation of your animal in residents yards - Please remember your neighbors do not want to step in or have to pick up your dogs ' defecation from their yards. Please pick this up as you walk your animals in the community. Keep your pets on your property they should not be roaming the neighborhood freely.

Basketball goals – By the covenants are prohibited, but because there is not an area for kids to play we allow them. Please be mindful that all goals should not be on the main streets where they can fall in the street and block traffic. The goals should not be on any residents property that it doesn’t belong to.


Storage sheds- Per the Covenants are prohibited, but the the board had a meeting on Friday, July 3, 2020, we have voted to amend the covenants. One change is to Section 3.20 (Temporary structures) we have voted and approved storage sheds but the following guidelines MUST BE FOLLOWED:


·         The shed can be no larger than 10(L) x 12(W) x 8(H)

·         The shed must have the same type roof as your house.

·         The shed must match the color of your house.

·         BEFORE purchasing or building your shed a ARC with pictures of the shed must be submitted and APPROVED.

·         Your yard must be totally enclosed by a fence meaning the shed should not be seen in anyway from the street or alley other than the top of the roof.

·         *** If your house sits on a hill or your yard is slopped downward the shed MUST be at the bottom of the hill. No storage shed should sit on top of the

          hill in your yard making it fully visible from the street or alleyway. 

·         NO storage shed BEFORE you have a fence up and completely enclosed. 


Please follow these simple guidelines, the board has the authority to make you remove the shed if any of the guidelines are not followed.

As many of you have experienced the ARC process is very easy to include the turn around time. 

We are very aware that these houses were not built to store anything so maybe folks can park in their garages and driveways once they get their storage shed. We are trying to be fair and make it easy to avoid fines. 

Lastly, If you would like to rent the pool clubhouse please contact our Vice-President Chris allen, and he will forward the documentation to you via email for your signature, along with the rules and the rental amount for the facility.

Please remember, Covenants are written for the protection of the community as a whole and benefit you and your neighbors by maintaining property values. If in doubt don't hesitate to send an email to or call me and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 



    Pamela Darrington

    Longleaf Gates HOA


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