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Congratulations to all the 2020 Graduates

Community News Letter


Re: Upcoming Events/ General Information for your Community

Dear Resident,

We are hoping that this letter finds you in the best of health during this time.

Our community is doing some great things since the turn over from D.R. Horton and Neighborhood Management, LLC.

First, the community is planning a community-wide cleanup weekend for May 29th through June 1st. Since we can't get bulk trash pick up in the community, we are planning a large cleanup event. Dumpsters by "The Can Man" will be brought in for bulk trash disposal, so now is the time to get rid of all your unwanted "junk." We can utilize them to  clean out our garages so that they can be used for much-needed parking and storage.  You will be able to dispose of anything EXCEPT tires, appliances, paint, batteries, household trash/food items.  

On Saturday, May 30th, we will have POOL KEY ISSUANCE DAY! The time will be 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. This will be for new residents that have just moved into their new homes,  and have not been issued a pool key. Only 1 key per household will be provided.  If you have misplaced your key, it can also be replaced at a cost of $25.00. Please bring your buyer's contract or a utility bill along with your I.D. when you come to pick up the key. This event will take place in my driveway at 3388 Bristlecone Dr., look for the orange tent. There will be a table set up for you to come by and sign for your key. 

The pool building and surrounding areas have been power washed along with the front entrance and traffic circle by the front gate. Power washing was done by "Heningburg's Power Washing" We have also installed alarm systems and cameras in and around the pool house and at both gates, so hopefully, this will keep the unwanted guests out of our pool and community this year.

I am sure you all have noticed, but in case you didn't, we also have new community lights in our neighborhood, which will save us money in the long run because now the lights are maintained 100% by Alabama Power. Before the new lights, the community had to pay for repairing the lights as well as the monthly electric bill. More lights are coming for those that are concerned that their streets are still too dark at night. We now have an Attorney and Accountant to make sure that we are in compliance with all financial and legal laws. We are working on getting the signage for the community. 

We have a website; there, you will find community events as well as good info concerning the community. Another exciting thing about the website is that you can now pay your dues! For our more "seasoned" residents that are not comfortable paying dues online, you may still drop a check, money order, or cashier's check off in the red bin on my porch at 3388 Bristlecone Dr. We will move to a P.O. Box in the future. We still have the community directory that will be emailed out to the residents that I have email addresses for. If you would like to be added to the directory, please email me at  

We have a community network set up on GroupMe. To join, please send a text to me at 251-230-4855, and I will send you a link to join or by using the following link group/49124317/o1IUe2Zi a person can join/participate in the group via their cell phones or a computer "LONG LEAF GATES COMMUNITY" on GROUPME. This will be used as a bulletin board for

announcements for the community as well as the website. We are also working on a Facebook group for those who wish to use it as a way to keep up with community happenings. We have so many ways to communicate and keep you informed of all that's happening in our community, but in order for you to know, you must participate.

The pool will be opening the beginning of  June if we get the okay from the Health Department. Please keep in mind that you, the resident is responsible for your guests in the pool, at the pool house, and in the community.

Lastly, a few "housekeeping" reminders

We are so glad to have the summer temps coming and the beautiful weather for residents to be out and about in their community.

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind the residents of a few issues that we are still facing within the community.

Speeding – Please keep in mind that this is a residential area, which means NO SPEEDING! More and more people are speeding, especially on the main street of Bristlecone. Remember that children are out playing, and as speeding becomes a habit, accidents will happen. We don't want anyone getting injured or killed because of residents or a guest's failure to slow down. Speed bumps are there for a reason. Please abide by this traffic rule for the safety of the children playing in the community.


Parking - The covenants state that parking is allowed in your driveway. Not in the street or in your yard. If you do not have enough space in your driveway to park, please submit an ARC Form so that you can add additional parking space to your driveway. Please abide by this covenant requirement. Letters of violation and fines have been and will continue to be issued.

Architectural Changes to your home or yard - Any changes, as stated in the covenants, must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. You must submit your request using the ARC form to the committee for approval before beginning any construction or plantings. If you need the form to submit the request, please contact me.

R.V., motorhomes, and boats - These must be stored off the property or in an enclosed garage.  If you need to bring your boat or R.V. home for a weekend, the Board is requesting you let us know of that need and asks that you remember to abide by the 24-hour guideline.

Dog walking and defecation of your animal in residents yards - Please remember your neighbors do not want to step in or have to pick up your dogs ' defecation from their yards. Please pick this up as you walk your animals in the community.

If you would like to rent the pool clubhouse, please contact me, and I will forward the documentation to you via email for your signature, along with the rules and the rental amount for the facility.

Please remember, Covenants are written for the protection of the community as a whole and benefit you and your neighbors by maintaining property values. If in doubt don't hesitate to send an email to

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and stay safe during this trying time in our world today.  



  Mechele Roberts

      Mechele Roberts

      Longleaf Gates HOA


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